Black Friday Made Me Buy This: The 10 On-Sale Items That We Couldn’t Resist

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We love-hate Black Friday. Love it for the thrill of scoring something at a fraction of the retail price; hate it for accidentally spending way too much money (you know what we’re talking about—that queasy feeling you get the morning after a night of feverishly making one impulse purchase after another. Oops).

But you can’t really blame us. It’s Black Friday’s fault. And if you were in the midst of the madness IRL, then you can blame it on mob mentality. Plus, there were just too many really great deals this year—a lot of which we at Lifestyle-integrated took full advantage of. For some of us, it meant finally completing our winter wardrobe; for others, a triumph in buying that one pair of earrings that we’d had our eyes on forever. Scroll through to take a look at the loot that we couldn’t resist buying.

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